Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Sliding Doors

AMC for all Automatic Doors in UAE brings a comprehensive range of Geze glass sliding Doors. We are a Hamadalidoor company for Dorma automatic door & gates of high strength and excellence. The doors we supply are made of better-quality components and designed with the New modern technology. Our products are experienced for quality and durability. A full range of automatic doors and gates are offered with us. .

The excelled attribute of a glass sliding door is not restricted to the vision facility that it provide but has a high aesthetic value. They are used for small span openings as entrance doors of companies and administrative departments. The transparency that they provide makes the good quality inner interiors of the hall easily visible to the outsiders making them keen and interested during their visits. Automatic Glass sliding doors have turned out to be a status symbol for the corporate offices.


Apart from the aesthetic look that they provide they make sure high functional efficiency. Glass partition and doors are totally automatic and used for frequent opening and closing. The operation timing of these doors can be simply set or reset for that matter. Even the maintenance of these doors is not at all a big deal. With very easy and efficient operation Automatic glass sliding doors are indeed a great customized solution in the entrance door automation system.

Mostly popular amongst commercial buildings/complexes shopping,offices, corporate houses and all internal Dorma automatic door between twodoorways in any industry. The doors are design & Manufactured in our stateof the art facility. These Doors are also available as manually operated doors.Smart drives and controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assemblyand encoding