Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

Our revolving doors provide fast and stylish access control ideal for offices, hotels or other commercial buildings, where a steady flow of people needs to be managed with elegance and efficiency


Manual Revolving Door

Manual Revolving Doors are suitable for limited traffic areas for door diameters that are up to 3000 mm. These doors are made available in three or four leaf versions and are also easy to operate. The door just requires light push with hand and comes with safety features in accordance with DIN 18650. It also supports the needs of keeping noise down and dust, dirt out from buildings.

Made available in all-glass version, these can be operated using "locked" and "hand" option with optional rotation limiter helping in activating at times when upper revolution limit is achieved. Further, the optional positioning automation with motor concealed in ceiling or floor also makes these as efficient revolving manual door options available.